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MessageFrom the side of the recipient of inspiration,
To the side of the joy of giving.

We operate a number of wedding halls and funeral halls, providing not only weddings and funerals but also many other events. We value communication with our customers and want to provide them with important moments that mark milestones in their lives!

Customer appreciation is the most rewarding aspect of this job. It is also a job that has great significance as a contribution to society and the community. The best feature of our company is that there are equal opportunities regardless of age or experience. In any case, there are many places to work and many types of jobs! There are many places where you can discover your potential.
This is a great opportunity to start your career as a wedding and funeral service professional.

OccupationMid-career recruitment / Open Positions

[Wedding hall employee].

Open Positions
Bridal planner, banquet sales (corporate sales), cooking, costumes, banquet (venue setting and food service), etc.
duty station
imperial palace

Funeral home service.

Open Positions
Funeral director (consultant), ceremonial assistant (in charge of execution), in charge of Houji, in charge of flower altar, etc.
duty station
Omiya, Ageo, Kazo, Satte, etc.

Administrative positions

Open Positions
General office work, sales office work, accounting, general affairs, membership management work, etc.
duty station
Omiya, etc.

Sales and marketing positions

Open Positions
New sales (personal sales) and CS department (customer support)
duty station
all over the prefecture Saitama
Working hours, holidays, salary and other benefits
Varies depending on the type of job and location.
Details will be handled by the department of your choice. Please feel free to contact us first by filling out the inquiry form.
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ContactEmployment Inquiries

Details will be handled by the department of your choice.
Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

Employment Inquiries

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