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Eating and drinking + Alpha A moment of relaxation

“BLOOMY’S×Flory” is a flower cafe where you can spend a relaxing moment surrounded by flowers and greenery. photo studio and event space. It’s not just about eating and drinking, it’s an Alpha healing space.

CoffeeEnjoy our carefully selected coffee food

Enjoy our carefully selected coffee and food menu in a relaxing space with a variety of faces.

“Costa Coffee”, which has been loved in the home of coffee for 50 years, is a famous store that has been awarded the “Best Brand Coffee Shop Chain in the UK and Ireland” for 11 consecutive years (2010-2020). Be sure to try our sweets menu, which is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste.


SpaceKOTOHOGI three spaces

A space that can be dyed in many different colors throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter. Events are held depending on the season, and it can also be used as a rental space. Please spend a free time at a cafe that “connects” memories in various ways.

SpaceCafe Bloomy’s

There is an open outdoor terrace seating and an indoor cafe with a flower shop attached.
Their specialty coffee is “Costa Coffee,” which has been loved in Europe for about 50 years. Please enjoy it with our cake menu such as popular lemon tarts and mille crepes.

Cafe Bloomy’s

SpacePhoto Studio studio ELMO

Self photo studio, pet photos, shrine visits, kids photos, adult photos, wedding photos, family photos, and photos of your life history can be recorded.

  • It can also be used as a rental space.
Photo Studio

SpaceEvent Space époque

We create an event facility that incorporates everyone’s feedback and creates it together with our customers.
It can be used as an event space for birthday parties for children and friends. We also hold workshops, flea markets, marches, etc.

Event Space
Bloomys × Flory

CharmThree charms

The concept is a tea garden. Please spend a relaxing moment at this flower-scented cafe that combines a cafe and a flower shop.


“Costa Coffee” is a cafe brand that has been loved for 50 years in Europe, the home of coffee.

We have been named ‘Best Branded Coffee Shop Chain in the UK and Ireland’ by Allegra Strategies for 11 consecutive years (2010-2020).


CharmFlower shop

You can purchase the flowers and plants that brighten up the interior of the cafe. While you wait for your original flower arrangement to be created, please enjoy the photogenic interior of the store.

Flower shop

CharmFood menu

In addition to coffee, please enjoy food such as HARNEY & SONS hot cinnamon spice tea and sweets that are carefully selected for their appearance and taste.

Food menu

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