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The following is corporate information about Saikan System Co., which is engaged in a variety of businesses centering on weddings, funerals, and Gojokai in Saitama.

MessageMessage from the President

Since our founding, we have continued to grow as a “total production company” for weddings and funerals rooted in the community, providing a variety of services including weddings and funerals. The wedding and funeral industry is undergoing significant changes due to recent changes in marriage styles, an aging society, and the nature of local communities.

We believe that it is our mission to accurately respond to such changes and realize the “wishes” of each and every one of our customers. Always and forever, we will provide a variety of services demanded by the times, without being bound by “the norm” or “common sense,” while remaining close to our customers.

Saikan System Co.
President Hiroaki Wada

StructureHow the Saikan System Works

Our professional staff involved in each of our services is organized independently by department.

WeddingWedding department

  • Omiya Sun Palace

FuneralFuneral department

  • Funeral Headquarters
  • Funeral Service Department
  • Houji Department
  • Ceremony Services Department
  • flower arrangement department
  • hearse

Sales Sales Department

  • Sales Division
  • Membership Sales Department
  • CS Promotion Office
professional Saikan System
PresidentHiroaki Wada

EducationEducation Division

  • Kids duo

CafeCafe Division

  • Omiya Mongai BLOOMY’S × Flory

Head OfficeOmiya Head Office

  • General Affairs and Accounting Department
  • Membership Management Department
  • Quality Inspection Room


  • Pet cremation and funeral COCO PET
  • Common Place TOMARIGI

ProfileAbout Us

Company Name
Saikan System Co.
postal code 330-0855
535 Kamikocho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama
October 1986
President Hiroaki Wada
Operation of a general wedding hall, funeral center, and multi-purpose hall with a focus on Gojokai for weddings and funerals
Businesses related to non-life insurance agency, small amount and short-term insurance, and life insurance solicitation
Management of preschool childcare and private school childcare, etc.
capital stock
100 million yen
Number of Employees
Approx. 450 (as of July 31, 2023, including affiliates)
Registration Number
Mutual aid association for weddings and funerals, licensed by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (License No. Mutual No. 3090)
Main Banks
Saitama Resona Bank, Ltd.
Public Notice of Financial Results for the 37th Fiscal Year (ended April 2023)

Whistleblower Contact

CSR Connection with Society

Saikan System has grown with the support of the local community.

For a future in which we can continue to grow sustainably together, each and every one of our employees is engaged in social contribution activities with a sense of gratitude.

Social Connections

ContactInquiry, request for brochure, admission to Gojokai

To inquire about our services, request information materials, or enroll in Gojokai, please contact us at the address below.

In case of an emergency... consult us for funeral services


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Weekdays: Monday-Friday 10:00-16:00