Whistleblower Protection Act

What is the Whistleblower System?

We have established a whistleblower hotline in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act.

In order to prevent violations of laws and regulations by our officers and employees, etc., and to take appropriate action, we accept consultations and reports from our business partners regarding the fact of violations or possible violations.

Outline of Whistleblower System

Those who are able to consult and report

Employees employed by the Company, workers of companies with which the Company does business (contractor agreements, contracts for the purchase of goods, etc., outsourcing agreements, etc.), and employees of subsidiaries and affiliates (subject to protection under the Whistleblower Protection Act).

What to ask for advice or report

Violations of laws and regulations by our company’s officers and employees, or actions that may lead to such violations.
We do not accept reports of personal problems, violations in one’s private life, slander or defamation of others, or for any other improper purpose.

How to consult or report

Please report the incident to the reporting contact listed in (3).
In principle, the name and contact information of the person consulting/reporting must be clearly indicated, but anonymous consultation/reporting is also possible. If you have materials or evidence to support the fact of the consultation or report, please submit them as well.

Protection of the person who consulted or reported the incident

Please be assured that you will not be treated unfavorably because of your consultation or report.
In addition, the personal information of the person consulting or reporting, the content of the report, the results of the investigation, etc., will not be used for any purpose other than to process the report.

Whistleblower Contact

Please use the “Reporting Format” to organize your consultation/report.

Reporting format (PDF version)
Reporting format (Word version)

In-house set up contact point (telephone, fax, mail, written / mailed, in person)

window (e.g. in an envelope, box, etc.)
Saikan System Co.
(Advisors are requested to consult with legal counsel on whether or not an act is in violation of laws and regulations.)
535 Kamikocho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 330-0855
048-650-3130 (weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00)
We will accept consultations by e-mail, but please call, fax, or mail us at least once.

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