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Funeral Rites Becoming More Diverse

Funeral services are becoming increasingly diverse, from those prepared by family members in memory of their loved ones, to those where people express their gratitude for their loved ones.
What do you think about when you think about “that day” that will come one day?

Event Seminars and Events

Our concept of “end-of-life” is not about preparing for the end. It is about how to spend the limited time of one’s life with vitality.
We hold seminars, tours, and other events on topics discussed by our end-of-life counselors to help reduce anxiety and make everyday life more enjoyable.

End of Life Seminar

End of Life Seminar

Easy-to-understand inheritance procedure seminars and insurance consultations for emergencies.

prior consultation

prior consultation

By consulting with us in advance, we can fulfill your wishes and reduce the burden on your family.

Various Events

Various Events

A photo session with professional makeup, an experience of entering the coffin, which is said to lead to longevity, and many other plans are available.

Full support for anxiety

Support Full support for anxiety

We want you to spend your last moments with your loved ones slowly, even in the midst of grief. That is our wish.
We are a company that you can rely on in times of emergency. One phone call is all it takes to reach us 24 hours a day.

Support Pre-consultation

We understand that everyone has their own concerns about funerals: you don’t want to inconvenience your family…, you are worried about inheritance procedures…, you are alone…. We will support you with a thorough preliminary consultation to resolve your concerns and help you live your life more vividly.

prior consultation

Support Operation of Funeral Service

We have 19 directly managed wedding halls in Saitama Prefecture and 90 group wedding halls (as of August 31, 2023). We have various types of wedding halls and plans to meet our customers’ needs. We will do our best to support our customers with our experience and knowledge gained over the 60 years since the group’s establishment.

Funeral service management

Support for Obon and Buddhist memorial services after the funeral

We provide support not only for the funeral service but also for all the services afterwards, including memorial services for the first seven days, 49th day, and first anniversary of the death of a loved one, as well as seasonal memorial services such as Obon and the equinoxes.

Support for Obon and memorial services after the funeral

PlanFuneral Plans

Space Memorial Space Burial

Space burial is a type of ashes scattering plan in which a capsule containing the ashes is placed in a rocket and launched into outer space.

Four plans are available, including a plan to launch a capsule containing the ashes into space aboard a satellite or to carry the capsule to the moon’s surface aboard a rocket. Please contact us for more information.

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Company funerals, joint funerals, farewell parties

Platinum Funeral Company Funerals, Joint Funerals, Farewell Parties

We have assisted with many company and group funerals since our establishment.
Funerals, such as company funerals and joint funerals, involve many processes from preparation to after the secret funeral and farewell party. We will do our best to help you complete these important ceremonies without delay, using our wealth of experience and knowledge cultivated over many years.

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Reception 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

New OpenNew Openings

Family Funeral Service Soraie Kitamoto Azuma is now OPEN!

Soraie, which specializes in small-scale funeral services, opened in Azuma, Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture, on September 25, 2023, to provide a peaceful send-off for the deceased.
Available from wake on Monday, September 25, 2023
Saturday, October 14, 2023 – Sunday, October 22, 2023 Grand Opening Event[For more information, click here.]

Family Funeral Service Solaie Ageo Shonan

“Soraie” is now open in Ageo-numa-minami, a perfect place for families and close friends to spend their last moments with the deceased in a space that makes them feel as if they are at home.

Family Funeral Solaie Kitamoto Nakamaru

Soraie is reserved for only one funeral per day, and we give consideration to the privacy of the family members who use the facility. We offer a relaxing environment where you can spend your last moments with your loved ones. Located along Route 17, it is easy to find for those arriving by car.

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From the time of death to the transportation, preparation of the resting place, wake, funeral service, and memorial service,
We will assist you in sending off your family in accordance with your requests.
Please feel free to contact us.

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To inquire about our services, request information materials, or enroll in Gojokai, please contact us at the address below.

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